Rachio Beta Opportunity
We are redesigning the Rachio app. Your feedback helps us improve our products and services. In return for your participation, you'll get a first look at new features, a forum to share your thoughts and opinions, chances to win sweet prizes, and a chance to help us build an app that meets your needs. If you are interested in this opportunity please take a few minutes to complete the brief survey so that we know if you are a good fit.
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A few things we need to know...

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The name you use when you sign in.
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Would you be willing to spend 15 - 20 minutes a week online? *

Each week you'll be asked to complete a task or two on your app. If you notice any "bugs" or issues, or if you love something, we want to hear about it. You will have access to an exclusive forum to share your thoughts and experiences.
Do you work for a company that designs or manufactures sprinkler system controllers? *

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To participate in the Beta testing opportunity we need a little good faith that you're not a competitor.
Would you be willing to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement) to provide feedback on new Rachio products and services? *

To participate in Rachio user feedback opportunities you need to sign our Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreement. This allows us to collaborate privately on any of our supercool products.
This is important...Which type of tester are you?

We have two opportunities for testing.
Early Beta testers get an exclusive first look at the app and features. There are only 24 of these test spots open. The Early Beta test team must commit to completing all the assigned tasks and giving feedback, this happens every few days for two weeks. You are the foundation of the design's success. These participants will receive Rachio schwag and a chance to win awesome prizes.

Late Beta testers still get to help us test the app and all new features and functions, but this group will play a supporting role instead of a central role. You will still have a chance to win awesome prizes.
So are you an Early Beta tester ready to invest a more time in order to get an exclusive first peek and make more impact on the design? Or a Late Beta tester, a little less committed but still willing to test and give feedback that helps shape the deisgn? *

Contact Information

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If you've expressed interest in providing feedback we'd love the opportunity to give you a call. Your phone number won't be used for marketing purposes.
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That's the end of our questions. Now we have to review your answers to make sure you are a good fit for this opportunity. Either way we will reach out to you with the contact information you provided.